2015 Conference

Dear Deputy, Associate, and Assistant Wardens,

We are currently planning our 70th annual United States Deputy Wardens Association conference.  The conference will be hosted in Minnesota at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott Hotel (952-854-7441) on July 12‑17, 2015.  Room rates are $109 per night.  The Twin Cities area is a destination filled with culture, history, green space, and world class shopping. 

The Unites States Deputy Wardens Association (USDWA) is the only professional organization focused on the nation’s Deputy, Associate, and Assistant Wardens.  As one of the oldest correctional associations, great importance is placed on the exchange of ideas, best practices in corrections work, and the camaraderie among members.  Such an atmosphere fosters the positive development of the organization and its members, both professionally and personally, so we can serve the public and our agencies in the most professional manner.  It is our hope the 70th annual USDWA conference will be a catalyst for such growth.

This year’s conference will highlight current and emerging issues in the custodial corrections field.  There will be sessions on leadership, restrictive housing, Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT), Corrections Fatigue, Transition from Prison to Community (TPC), Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS), Reentry, building a positive safety culture, constitutional conditions of confinement issues, and much more!  Members will have the opportunity to tour three diverse adult state correctional facilities.

In addition to promoting professional and personal growth, the USDWA places a high priority on family and strives to include family members in the conference experience.  We do this by scheduling events for members’ spouses and children to create a conference the whole family will enjoy.  This year’s venue is close to exciting activities such as Mall of America, indoor and outdoor water parks, an amusement park, theater arts, museums, the Minnesota Zoo, and national rivers. 

For those of you who have participated in past conferences, we hope you attend this year and we encourage you to share your experiences with others who may be interested in becoming a USDWA member.  For those who have not yet attended, we hope the value placed on professionalism and family will inspire you to join us at this year’s conference.  We look forward to seeing all of you, your families, and corrections professionals from across the country during the week of July 12th in magnificent Minnesota.


Mary McComb, President

United States Deputy Wardens Association